Age of Wushu

Explore the Chinese Ming Dynasty, defend your school, and play like a true kung-fu master in Age of Wushu, a free-to-play, 3D sandbox martial arts action MMORPG, developed by Snail. Choose one from eight martial arts schools and enhance your characters abilities. Each school offers unique opportunities and different internal skills which means, a player who leaves the school also loses its internal skills. Become a true kung-fu master with Age of Wushu's revolutionary combat system. The in-game combat contains actual martial arts and superhuman abilities commonly seen in legendary Chinese stories. The game has no levels or skill points. Instead, it utilizes a skill-based system where the player progresses by learning new abilities and talents. Engage in PvE and PvP combats and master unique skill sets to combat blades, staffs, daggers, and bare hands. Gather experience points by completing quests and other activities like gathering, crafting, and combat. Your experience points can be converted into ""cultivation"" points which can be used to upgrade fighting skills. Another exciting feature of this game is your character turning into an NPC and will continue with its business even when you're offline. This allows your character to gain experience and money while not logged in. Feast your eyes with a visually stunning virtual world filled with beautiful peach blossom orchards, bustling city streets, and scorching battlefields. This game features full 3D animations and PC-level graphics which will transport you to Ming Dynasty China with authentic environments modeled on real locations. Experience an exciting martial arts MMORPG that is like no other. Age of Wushu is available to play for free on Windows.