Cabal Online

Become one of the powerful heroes and save the world of Navareth in Cabal Online - a free-to-play, MMORPG developed and published by South Korean company ESTsoft. First released in 2005, Cabal Online lets players embark on different quests to save the fictional world of Navareth from its prophesied destruction. Choose your character from the seven playable classes and customize it to create your unique character. Players may allocate stat and skill points manually to fit their playstyle. As a PvP focused MMORPG, players may engage in various PvP fights including Open PvP, Player Duels, and Nation Wars. Use a variety of skill combos that comes with flashy animation for a more intense gaming experience. Explore varied environments such as frigid tundras, scorched deserts, and verdant jungles. Defeat tons of unique and often hostile creatures and survive as you travel through the land. Uncover the truth behind the evil that plagues the land. Show your skills and become a hero! Cabal Online is available to play on Windows PCs.