Conquer Online

Explore the world of Ancient China and create new exciting adventures in Conquer Online, a free-to-play MMORPG developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. The game features a two-dimensional rendition of mythical China with three-dimensional characters. Set in a wonderfully stunning and vibrant fantasy world, you can choose to play as one of the eight classes in the game which include Trojan, Ninja, Archer (assassin), Taoist, Warrior, Monk, Pirate, Dragon-Warrior, and Windwalker. The Taoists and Windwalkers have two subclasses which are: water and fire for the Taoists and ranged and melee for the Windwalkers. Like other MMORPGs, the leveling system of Conquer Online 3.0 is done through gaining experience points. These points can be obtained by battling monsters throughout the game. Gaining a level allows your character to increase its skills and become more powerful. The gathering of experience points follows an incremental pattern, which means the amount needed increases with each level gained. The game has quests that are divided into categories based on a character's level. Completing quests may help a player obtain rare items, such as weapons and gems. Some quests reward players with a prize while others reward glory. Another cool feature of this game is its mentoring system which allows players to get a higher level player to be their mentor and help them with potency, making them stronger. The mentors will then be rewarded when his/her apprentice levels up or gains blessings and + stones. If the apprentice gets enough Exp, + stones or blessing, then the mentor receives a fraction of what the apprentice received. With fun, fast-paced gameplay, quick leveling, and a vast game world to explore, Conquer Online will undoubtedly deliver a fun and exciting gameplay unlike any other. Conquer Online 3.0 is available for free on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.