Escape From Tarkov

Explore the Special Economic Zone of the fictional Norvinsk region and prepare for an intense shooting battle in Escape from Tarkov, a tactical first-person shooter game developed by Russian studio Battlestate Games in 2016. Play as a mercenary from one of the two battling private military companies and find a way out of the isolated Tarkov City. Complete missions, tasks and uncover the history of the Tarkov conflict. Use a variety of different realistic weapons that have advanced system weapon handling and customization. Players can Change everything you want to adapt your weapon’s tactical abilities. Gather experience points and improve more than 100 skills that are grouped into four types: physical, cognitive, combat and practical. Participate in raids of enemy bases, stealth operations, cooperative missions, trading, exploring, collecting resources, and more. Are you brave enough to escape the City of Tarkov? Escape from Tarkov is available to play on Windows and Mac OS.