Grand Theft Auto V

Bring out your inner gangster and hit the streets with Grand Theft Auto V (Also known as GTA 5) - an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. This is the fifteenth release in the Grand Theft Auto series and the successor of Grand Theft Auto IV. GTA 5 is set on the year 2013 on the city of Los Santos, featuring the stories of three protagonists: Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. It happens about five years after the events of Grand Theft Auto IV. Players can play it from either a third-person or first-person perspective. Play as Franklin, Michael, or Trevor and live the life of a gangster/criminal in the fictional city of Los Santos. Complete missions and explore the open world freely without restrictions. Each character has a set of skills that represent their ability in specific areas such as driving and shooting. Although skills are improved through play, each character has skill expertise by default. Your character can use melee attacks, firearms, and explosives to fight enemies. You can also run, jump, swim, or use vehicles to navigate the world and engage in context-specific activities like BASE jumping or scuba diving. Each character is equipped with a smartphone for contacting friends, starting activities, and accessing an in-game Internet. Players may purchase properties such as businesses and garages, upgrade weapons and vehicles in their arsenal, and customize their appearance by buying outfits, haircuts, and even tattoos. Compared to its predecessors, GTA 5 features a beautiful, more detailed world with unrivaled authenticity and vibrancy. The game is more fluid and alive, which will surely elevate the excitement each time you play. Join the heist and live free! Grand Theft Auto V is available on Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.