Heroes of Newerth

Two teams are up against each other, the Legion and the Hellbourne. Choose your side and enter the world of Newerth in Heroes of Newerth, a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game initially developed by S2 Games and published by Frostburn Studios, released in 2010. This Dota-inspired team-based arena style action RPG heavily-emphasizes teamwork and competition. Players may choose their character, also called as Hero, from over 124 playable heroes in the game. Two teams of five players set out with the sole objective of destroying the other team's base. The game has various game modes available including Co-op, Public, Ranked, and Mid wars. The game also features a matchmaking system where players could link up with other players by yourself or as a team. Enjoy the game's player stat system where the APM/GPM/Killing Streaks/KDAs are all saved in a built-in system that is easily accessible. Gather your friends and fight to protect your base at all cost! Heroes of Newerth is available to play for free on Windows PCs.