MU Online

Discover a whole new medieval fantasy world and engage in adrenaline-charged battles in MU Online, a free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Webzen, a Korean gaming company. First released in 2003, the game features a top-down isometric camera view just like older MMORPGs. Despite being one of the olde r generations of MMORPGs, this hack-n-slash game still boasts a huge and incredibly active player base, thanks to its excellent graphics and gameplay that is familiar to anyone with experience playing dungeon crawler games. Start by selecting your character among the seven in-game classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Summoner, and Rage Fighter. Each of these classes has its specific powers and items. They can also be leveled up and developed into more powerful classes. Improved character classes grant access to new spells, skills, weapons, and wings as well as a corresponding change in appearance. The world of MU Online is surrounded by a vast variety of monsters, from basic monsters like golems and goblins to tougher ones such as the Selupan, Kundun or Gorgon. Each unique monster-type has different spawn points and drops different items which you can loot. Your goal is to defeat them and gain experience points which can be used to level up your character. Aside for the fast-paced gaming experience, MU Online also has a built-in chat system that lets all visible players communicate through text. Users can also add custom players to their friend list for much accessible contact with one another. It's your time to be a mighty medieval warrior and face quests, dungeons, PvP battles, castle sieges, and more. It's, of course, more fun if you bring your friends along! MU Online is free-to-play on Windows PCs.