World of Warcraft

The age-old conflict in Azeroth between the Alliance and the Horde reignites. It's time to join your allies and fight for your cause as Azeroth's future will be forged in the blazing fires of war in World of Warcraft - a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Entering the game requires the player to select a server, also called a realm. Each realm operates as an individual copy of the game world. The realms are available in two types: Normal – a realm that is more focused on battling monsters and completing quests. It has player-versus-player (PvP) fights roleplay is optional. RP (roleplay) – works similar to the "Normal" realm, but focuses on players roleplaying in-character. Players get to choose a character between the opposing factions of the Alliance or the Horde. After picking a faction, you will have to choose between 10 different races for each faction and 1 neutral called Pandaren, everyone with different classes like Paladin, Shaman, Warrior, and many others. World of Warcraft gameplay involves the completion of quests which consists in killing a number of creatures, gathering a certain amount of resources, visiting specific locations, finding a difficult to locate object, speaking to various NPCs, interacting with objects in the world, or delivering an item from one place to another to acquire experience and treasures before you can reach endgame that consist in a plethora of Dungeons and Raids you can go with groups up to 25 characters. Awarded as the world's largest and most popular MMORPG by the Guinness World Record, you can become a part of the Warcraft universe through a monthly subscription. You can also try it for free and become a defender of Azeroth until you reach level 20. Experience the unstoppable conflict at the heart of the Warcraft saga. Play through six new zones full of new World Bosses, new World Quests, new raids and more as you figure out whether the Horde or Alliance will shape Azeroth's future.