How to use RIPDELAY Application

Login Panel


When you have just opened the application, this is the first interface that will appear, it includes the following features:

  • Sign up: register RIPDELAY account, enter your email address, then system will send login information to that email.

  • Reset password: if you forget your password, this feature will help you reset your password, enter your account email, system will send password reset information to email.

  • Fast free trial: if you want to try it out quickly, this is coolest feature. You do not need to register an account at all, just click on, system will activate trial feature for you.


Control panel


After entering all the information in the Login panel, you will see the main interface of the application. We will guide each item:

  • The upper left corner is the basic connection panel of the application such as:

    • Turn on/off connections (Smart Auto Tunneling).

    • Automatically log in and connect to server last time.

    • Tunneling game mode (LSP or ICH). You should leave the default.

    • Filter game connection port (full all ports or 1000~65535).

    • Next to it is chain feature panel. This is a unique feature only available in RIPDELAY. It will help you connect multiple nodes at once instead of just one, mistakenly helps optimize game connections.

  • Top right corner is information about your account such as UID, expiry date, remaining time, other information,... There is also a menu of extra features (will be mentioned below) and a section enter Time Code to add redemption date to account (plus sign).

  • Central is most important item, list of all servers. It will provide a lot of information about servers you want to use, best one is about lacenty. When you choose a server, it will monitor ping to that server through visual graph at bottom, making it easy to control network information. It also divides servers by geographic region.

  • By default, RIPDELAY has three types of servers: Legacy and Newline and Public Global.

Legacy Servers


This is a list of fully supported servers to cater to majority of users, it has the following features:

  • Smart Auto Tunneling: automatically identify and tunneling games when game is active.

  • Run Custom Tunneling: specify any applications that will tunneling through servers, you can add parameters.

  • OpenVPN module: make a VPN connection to server, help you FakeIP.

  • Connect to external servers using the application's Smart Auto Tunneling technology.

  • TCP ping to server, check latency by cmd.

  • Looking glass helps you check ping from this server to specified addresses.

  • Check your routing to the selected server.

  • Track network connectivity through visual graphs to specified addresses.

Newline Servers


Newline is a server system that is only optimized for gaming, so you only use these servers with the Smart Auto Tunneling feature without other features like Legacy. The list of Newline servers will be more than Legacy.

Public Global Servers


This is a worldwide system of servers provided by our partners. The number of these servers is unlimited and is updated continuously every day. Because of this nature, you should use these servers for internet access through the Run Custom Tunneling feature.

Smart Auto Tunneling


Smart Auto Tunneling is main feature of RIPDELAY Application. With this feature, you do not need to configure anything, just select the RIPDELAY servers you want to connect to, then just play game as usual. Smart application will automatically identify game and tunneling it through our servers using a special protocol. Only tunnel game through servers, without affecting your other connections.

OpenVPN module


Classic VPN is an alternative service available only at RIPDELAY Application, which helps your computer to bypass firewall and play some IP blocking games. We use OpenVPN module by the best programming experts for gamers, and we have optimized best possible to serve your favorite games. Surely your most demanding requirements will always be met.